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Akanksha Tiwari is a very experienced criminal lawyer. She is involved in criminal cases for 5 years. She has years of experience in counselling and ligation. She has deep knowledge about all criminal acts.

She understands criminal cases very well. She has a good portfolio of criminal cases. The combination of law and experience make a bridge of success in her cases. If you commit a crime like murder then only a criminal lawyer can help. Akanksha Tiwari is a very well known name in the industry.

She handles the case by using her intelligence. She works on simple to complex criminal cases previously. She is one of the best criminal lawyers in Ahmedabad.

Criminal law in India comes under three acts: The Indian Penal code (IPC),1960, the Code of Criminal procedure,1973 and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. All crimes like hearting someone or injuring someone caused by any human come under these three statuses under criminal law. The purpose of criminal law is to save people’s liberty and life. A criminal lawyer suggests a course of action but also help the client in drafting and filing various document.

A criminal lawyer works as a public prosecutor provided by the government or does private practices independently. A criminal lawyer help client to get out of any crime they have not committed. A criminal lawyer advises and understands the problem. They help the client understand the crime that the client committed and give proper advice.

A criminal lawyer takes care of various things like

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