Section 8 of Companies Act 2013

Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, is a critical piece of legislation that governs non-profit organizations in India. These provisions are designed to facilitate the establishment and operation of companies with charitable objectives, ensuring legal compliance and offering various benefits. Understanding Section 8 is essential for anyone involved in the non-profit sector. Did you […]

Constitutional Provisions for Women in India

The constitutional provisions in India play a crucial role in safeguarding women’s rights and promoting gender equality. These provisions, rooted in the historical struggle for women’s rights, aim to protect women against discrimination and violence while empowering them in various aspects of life. This blog will explore these provisions in detail, highlighting their significance and […]

Wife Special Grounds for Divorce Under Hindu Law

Understanding the special grounds for divorce available to wives under Hindu law is crucial for those seeking legal separation. These provisions offer unique legal protections and rights to women, ensuring their interests are safeguarded. This blog will comprehensively cover the relevant aspects of divorce under Hindu law, particularly focusing on the special grounds available to […]

Register Marriage Procedure for Lovers without Parents

Understanding the register marriage procedure is crucial, especially for couples who wish to marry without parental consent. This blog aims to guide you through the entire process, making it easier and legally compliant. Registering your marriage provides numerous benefits, including legal protection and social recognition. Here, we will walk you through each step comprehensively. Register […]

What Is Section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act Judgments In Favour of Husband And Wife?

Navigating marital disputes can be emotionally and financially draining. During such challenging times, understanding your legal rights and options for financial support is crucial. Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA), 1955, provides a lifeline by allowing either spouse to seek financial maintenance and cover litigation expenses while marital proceedings are ongoing. This guide […]